Who is Lingua Love?

You will be working with Mina Savić, a trilingual girl living in the South of France and also your Neurolanguage CoachⓇ, who is here to make you love learning the language of your dreams

Having finished her studies in Tourismology in her country, Serbia, she starts a new life in France. Without any knowledge of French, she started to take courses in French as a foreign language at the University of Burgundy. After only one semester, she obtained the B2 level (the fourth level out of six), allowing her to enter French universities.

Her love for the English language pushed her to continue her studies in France and thanks to her excellent level of English ("golden level") confirmed by the TOEIC diploma, she entered directly into her second year of studies at the Jean-François Champollion University Center in Albi, France.

The desire to pass on language knowledge was born and during her studies, private English lessons became a professional activity much appreciated by Lingua and her learners.

After successfully completing her studies, Lingua Love became an English teacher for the French National Education system, in the private Catholic school system teaching English to French in French preschool, middle and high school. However, after three years of teaching experience, she realized that the school setting did not allow her to give as much as she wanted to each student.

Upon discovering the international language coaching course, (Neurolanguage coachingⓇ), the decision to leave the National Education was taken seriously into consideration in order to be more effective with her learners while flourishing in a setting that suits her better.

Based in the South West of France, Lingua Love is today an entrepreneur in language training and coaching, a linguist who works in two foreign languages with the greatest passion for linguistics, languages as well as for a friendly and unique social contact.

With me, you can learn, improve and practice your English, French or/and Serbian language ;)

Indeed, I am a linguist, coming from Serbia, living in France and working in three different languages daily... and really loving it!

Our world has become so easily connected so it is wonderful to have this powerful opportunity to learn and grow together :)

We will do things at your pace, preference, and style, because as your language coach, I will be here to inspire you, not to inform you what to do ;)

Yes, we will go wherever and whenever you want to go on your language learning journey :)