LinguaLove, your neurolanguage coachⓇ, will inspire you to take your language learning journey on a whole different level :)

What is Neurolanguage CoachingⓇ?

This is a unique approach to the language learning process. Things are done differently from traditional schooling and learned in a wholesome, effective, and inspirational way.  It is a wonderful combination of the knowledge from neuroscience, useful coaching skills and exciting language practice.

Thanks to the discoveries of Neuroscience, we now know better how the brain learns, what challenges are likely to arise and how to encourage the learner in finding the type of learning that he will enjoy. As each person is unique, each language session reflects this.

Tailoring this "brain-friendly" approach to each individual activates an anti-stress learning environment that is highly motivating and enjoyable.

With the tools of coaching, we now know how to introduce the content in a more efficient way, initiate reflection, acknowledge and value all the efforts that the person is showing in his/her learning.

This is a new way of communication supported by a partnership and active listening that improves the complete functioning of the learner while in an apprenticeship setting. When we hear and understand each others better, we can progress in the right direction smoothly.

In fact, this approach to learning in a coaching mode also helps us envision our journey:

the starting point, the necessary stops and the arrival at the desired destination.

As certified coaches, we are bound to respect the codes of ethics. In fact, if any personal matter is incorporated into the training for the benefits of motivation, everything discussed during sessions always remains completely confidential.

This method was created by Rachel Marie Paling and her neurolanguage coachingⓇ training is certified by Efficient Language CoachingⓇ based in the UK and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (USA).

(Neurolanguage Coaching® and ELC ® are registered trademarks held by Rachel Marie Paling.)